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About Dynamic Thought Solutions

Dynamic Thought Solutions (DTS) is a thought- and brain-based training solutions provider, focused on the development of Leaders, High Performing Teams and Organisational Culture Change Management. We apply the Directive Communication™ Psychology (DC) and Reticular Activation System (RAS) tools to create awareness in individuals, to enable them to bring their best self to any environment they are a part of.

The Directive Communication™ Leadership and Organizational Development System developed by global top 10 leadership guru Arthur Carmazzi has been successfully implemented in multinational organizations across Asia and the Middle East such as Philips, Motorola, Emirates, Dell, Citibank, Nestle, SingTel, Toyota, Marriott, and more. DC programs integrate the psychology of Leadership, Culture, Communication, Teamwork, Management, Sales, Service and more into measurable applications of the same Group Dynamics Discipline.


Sharm Siva, founder of DTS is a certified DC trainer who has undergone a rigorous certification program that is accredited by the American Institute of Business Psychology. She has 15 years of experience in training and consulting in various areas of communication, leadership and change management across industries in Malaysia and Australia. 


DTS, armed with the Directive Communication™ organizational development and training Programs, aim to equip employees and organisations with the knowledge of business, leadership, team and individual psychology to be able to enhance working relationships and ability to operate optimally despite a changing environment, through an increased circle of tolerance, towards the development of a high performing workforce

About Master Trainer, Sharm Siva

Sharm is a Professional Trainer and Consultant with Dynamic Thought Solutions based in Malaysia and Rise Within based in Melbourne, Australia. She holds a Master in Business Administration from Victoria University (Melbourne, Australia), Bachelors Degree (Second Class Upper Honours) in Information Technology Management from the University of Malaya (Malaysia).


She has been in the Learning and Development scene for more than 15 years, with more than 5 years in Change Management across industries in Australia. Her niche is in providing training, coaching and consultancy services in Impactful Leadership, Organisational Culture Change, Effective Communications, Difficult Conversations During Uncertain Times, Resilience, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Skills to individuals and leaders across many job levels within the Banking, Insurance and Finance, Government-Linked Companies (GLCs), Education Management, Telecommunication and Logistics industries in Malaysia, Australia, USA and Europe.


Sharm has been featured on the ntv7 Breakfast Show, BFM radio station and the New Sunday Times for her creative training solutions, including features on the Young Entrepreneur Camp (YEC), which she founded to bring entrepreneurship education to young children. She is a Directive Communication Psychology Certified Trainer for globally renowned programs like Colored Brain, and a Law of Attraction Certified Trainer-Coach. Besides managing teams, presenting at conferences, giving keynotes and conducting training programs and workshops to corporate, she has also spoken on personal and professional empowerment topics to non-profit organisations in Malaysia and Australia. 


Sharm’s work with Dynamic Thought Solutions, is to provide thought- and brain-based training and consultancy solutions, where she combines the concepts of the Law of Attraction and Directive Communication Psychology, towards the development of more Sustainable Individuals in organisations. She does this by incorporating the CBCI (Colored Brain Communication Inventory) assessment, to be able to create awareness on and help her clients use the knowledge of their brain color towards peak performance in any area of their lives. As the founder of Rise Within, Sharm provides self empowerment concepts to individuals globally. She is a published author and has written books on the topic of self empowerment. 


As a Change Management consultant, Sharm has led teams globally to successful change implementations, including major system- and process-based changes. Her work focuses on helping organisations first understand the change that is happening and to understand the senior management’s perspective and vision of the change. She then works to create an organisation-wide change plan to structurally cascade key messages of the change to all individuals within the organisation. To manage potential resistance to change within the company, Sharm draws up Risk Management plans, to assist in mitigating risks, and Training Implementation plans, which gives a clear picture of how everyone is going to be impacted by the change, and what needs to be done. So far, she has successfully seen many change initiatives through to its fruition.


Sharm supports the cause of educating as many individuals as possible so they become self reliant (Sustainable Individuals), and in turn, impact, grow and progress communities around them. She believes in equality for every individual, and strives to achieve this by spreading awareness on the power of the Sustainable Individual.